Pikes Peak Hospice Foundation Financially Supported Programs and Services

The provision of financial support provided by PPHF to PPHPC includes, but is not limited to, support for PPHPC’s care and services that are unreimbursed, under-reimbursed or underfunded as well as other initiatives whose purpose is to expand PPHPC’s mission and service to the community.

Charity Care
PPHPC is committed to serve all patients and families in the community who need its services regardless of their ability to pay for the care or services. This includes hospice and palliative care.

Charity Care supported by PPHF includes patients and families without any insurance, inadequate insurance coverage or co-payments and deductibles that cannot be met by the patient or family, or are assessed to be a burden to the patient and family. All programs and services as well as all levels of hospice care are supported through PPHF’s Charity Care donations.

Palliative Care
PPHPC’s Palliative Care services focus on patients with a serious or life-limiting illness that have a limited prognosis.

The Palliative Care services treat the patient’s discomfort, stress and symptoms. Palliative Care services can be provided concurrently with curative or aggressive treatment or therapies by other unrelated providers or healthcare institutions. Palliative Care is a service that is appropriate at any age and for any illness. PPHPC’s Palliative Care services are meant to be a transitional program of care and services for patients and their families leading to hospice care.

Palliative Care creates an extra layer of support that helps patients stay at home longer, avoid re-hospitalizations and emergency room visits, and improve their quality of life.

PPHPC’s Palliative Care services are provided by a professional team that includes, physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and social workers. Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance cover the costs of physicians, nurse practitioners and licensed clinical social workers, but typically not for RNs.

Pediatric Pathways
PPHPC’s Pediatric Pathways program supports the special care needed for a child living with a serious, complex and life limiting illness or a terminal illness.

PPHPC’s Pediatric Pathways services include palliative care and hospice care.   Services provide expert pain and symptom management through a team approach, working alongside the child and their parents, siblings, and grandparents.  PPHPC’s Pediatric Pathways services seek to avoid re-hospitalizations and emergency room visits, and improve quality of life.

Pediatric Hospice Care is provided by an interdisciplinary group that includes, physicians, registered nurses, social workers, chaplains and/or home health aides.  Medicaid and private insurance cover the costs of pediatric hospice care.

PPHPC’s Pediatric Palliative Care is provided by physicians, registered nurses and/or social workers.  Medicaid and private insurance reimburse for physician visits, but do not reimburse for nurse and social work services.

Complementary Therapies
PPHPC’s Complementary Therapies programs of services are administered through the Volunteer Department.

The Complementary Therapies program serves to enhance the patient’s comfort and quality of life by supplementing the medical, physical, emotional, and spiritual care prescribed by the patient’s hospice care team. Research demonstrates the critical role of complementary interventions in relieving stress, decreasing pain, and adding quality to one’s remaining days. Specially trained volunteers administer a variety of therapies such as Touch Therapies, Animal Companions, and Soothing Sounds, as well as others.

PPHPC’s Complementary Therapies programs has no other source of support but through PPHF. Historically, the funding for this program has been fully supported by generous donations to PPHF.

Center for Grief and Loss – Bereavement Support
The PPHPC Center for Grief and Loss offers support by specially trained Licensed Professional Counselors to our patients’ loved ones and family members for 13 months following the death of their loved one.

This is a Medicare/Medicaid/License requirement for PPHPC. The Bereavement Support services provided to loved ones and families of PPHPC Hospice patients are required services by Medicare and Medicaid, and the Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement to PPHPC for its hospice services is inclusive of these bereavement services.

PPHPC will not request financial support for grief and bereavement services provided to loved ones and families of PPHPC Hospice patients unless the hospice patient was cared for with Charity Care funds and the family does not have means to pay applicable sliding scale fees for counseling sessions

The PPHPC Center for Grief and Loss offers additional grief and loss support services to adults, children, teens and families from the community, who have not been cared for by PPHPC as a hospice patient. These grief support services can be reimbursed by private insurance or paid for privately.

Every individual who is supported by PPHF for utilization of PPHPC’s Community Member Grief and Loss services will undergo a documented financial assessment that is approved by the PPHPC President before it is submitted to PPHF for approval and financial support.

Grief Camp Scholarships/Supplies
Each year, the Center for Grief and Loss hosts a children’s grief camp in collaboration with Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Children can more easily discuss and experience difficult emotions by being with other children and through the use of toys, games, nature, and other tools. There is comfort in knowing they are not alone; that others have the same experiences and feelings. Discussing the normal life cycles of animals and the impact on their caretakers provides a safe way to understand the death of a loved one and the child’s feelings of loss. Asking questions about death, burials, and funerals for animals is much less frightening than asking about a family member.

Professional and Community Education
From time to time in non-routine or regulatory required instances or subject matter of education and training, PPHF may support PPHPC employees in their endeavor for specific educational pursuits, programs, conferences or academic degrees in subject matter related to professional educational pursuits or conferences that are job related and benefit PPHPC’s mission and service delivery.

In addition, PPHF may support PPHPC’s efforts to educate professionals in the community and or the community at large through seminars, presentations, speaking engagements, grand rounds, internship and student rotation programs or other types of professional or community educational presentations or opportunities that seek to expand PPHPC’s mission, services or commitment to the community. Professional Education Scholarship requests will be approved by the PPHPC President before they are submitted to PPHF for approval and financial support.

Public Awareness

PPHF may support PPHPC’s efforts to increase and elevate awareness of PPHPC and its Hospice and Palliative Care programs in the community it serves. PPHPC may do this through public awareness campaigns, direct mail pieces, social media, advertisements, commercials and audio or visual outlets.

Sentimental Journey
Sentimental Journey is a program offered to PPHPC patients and their families that provides for a special/memorable outing that might not otherwise happen.

Specialized transportation and professional staff are used to escort patients on their outings, to provide additional comfort and security, and to purchase meals, tickets or any other item needed to make the excursion possible. Working in tandem with PPHPC’s professional staff, patients choose special outings/excursions that are meaningful and/or will enhance their lives. The cost of each Sentimental Journey varies dependent upon the excursion.

Patient Special Needs
Patient Special Needs (PSN) is a specific program that was created to assist families with emergent needs that cannot be met by any other resource.

Frequently, PPHPC finds its patients and families struggling to live their lives with some semblance of normalcy in meeting everyday needs. This creates an enormous amount of stress on patients and families, as well as on our staff members trying to provide hospice care to them when faced with such things as utilities being turned off, eviction from their place of residence, food, clothing, Christmas gifts for their children and even limited funeral expenses.
The Patient Special Needs program is designed to meet one-time emergent needs for the patient and their family to reduce the stress in their current situation and add to the quality of their lives.

Staff Acknowledgement and Appreciation
PPHPC recognizes and rewards employees who demonstrate the values of PPHPC and a commitment to PPHPC’s mission through a variety of internal programs designed to celebrate and reinforce positive employee performance.

PPHPC recognizes employees during national awareness months, weeks and days including November’s National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, National Nurses Week, National CNA Week, Spiritual Care Week, National Doctor’s Day and World Social Work Day. PPHPC hosts annual celebrations for staff including events such as summer picnics and holiday events. These activities are designed to recognize the dedication, commitment and compassion demonstrated by PPHPC’s employees who deliver quality care and support to our community.

Capital Needs and Other Special Projects

PPHF raises dollars for PPHPC’s identified capital projects or capital projects. PPHF will consider other Special Projects or Emergent Funding requests by PPHPC.

What Our Families Say

The entire hospice team exceeded our expectations always going above and beyond. They are the most amazing group of people. I can't even put into words how much we appreciate them. They were always very caring, patient and sincere. We could not have managed the process without them. We will never forget you and are forever grateful. Thank you. ~ Patient’s daughter

Everyone who came to attend to my wife were all fantastic caregivers and I cannot praise your hospice staff enough. I was so thankful you were there. ~ Patient’s husband

I could not have asked for a more caring set of people to help us through this difficult time. ~ Patient’s family

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