Beautiful Art is Another Component of Commemoration

We are excited to announce that Pikes Peak Hospice Foundation has commissioned local artist, Fred Darpino, to create a unique tree sculpture that will be utilized during future Tribute Receptions.  This life-sized, three-dimensional tree will be prominently displayed at Pikes Peak Hospice & Palliative Care’s headquarters.  When completed, the sculpture will cover the length of the north wall in the Town Hall Commons.  Funds to support this project were designated through past and present budgets for our commemorative programs.

Mr. Darpino was selected for this special sculpture not only because of his artistic talent, but for his understanding and interpretations of life’s intricacies.  His ability to create timeless authenticity of life, and his eye for true-to-life detail in bronze promises a beautiful tribute for those remembering loved ones with joy and gratitude.  An example of his artistry – The Pumpkin Man – can be seen on the north side of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum.

Family Keepsake

Individually preserved cottonwood leaves, each as unique as the person it represents, will have the name of the person being memorialized etched on a charm.  Created by Rocky Mountain Leaf Company specifically for our use, each leaf will be displayed during a Memorial Reception, and then gifted to the family as a keepsake.

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