TikTok isn’t only for Gen Z. There are many 65-year-olds+ that you might want to follow for their TikTok content. Some bring humor, while others deliver comfort. And there are wholesome times to be had with these friendly, encouraging, and imaginative creators.

 Just to summarize, TikTok is a video-sharing app that allows users to create and share short-form videos on any topic. It’s mainly mobile-based, although you can watch TikTok videos using the web app at tiktok.com. The platform allows users to get creative with their content using filters, stickers, voiceovers, sound effects, and background music.

 Here are a few senior TikTokers to check out and show your patients:

  • Grandmagreat: an encouraging person with a warm spirit, @grandmagreat makes her audiences feel at home, with reminders of self-love and acceptance. She refers to her viewers as her beautiful friends before telling them how she believes in them, something we could all benefit from hearing from time to time.
  • Pete: straight-faced and tough-looking, the lovely and joyful @pete_from_the_street shares happy dances and wise advice with his viewers. It’s sweet to see a grandpa take such good care of his family and followers. He listens to others and invites people to send him letters. Kind, helpful, and humorous, Pete is that perfect wholesome grandpa energy to add an uplift to anyone’s day.
  • Grandma’s Garden: shares love and happiness. This grandma makes soothing videos that are unique due to her gentle touch. From showing off her many plants to festive life updates to recipes, @Grandma’s Garden is a nice spot to visit daily.
  • Lynja: brings her sweet personality as she teaches or experiments with different accessible recipes. Her energetic and humble character is matched with her fast-paced and creative editing skills that don’t shy away from making as many meme references as possible. @Lynja also uses a green screen and a higher-quality camera, adding production value to her cooking show. Her small stature and voice are only fronts for what is a largely lovable personality.
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