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Everyone on the 6th floor unit was amazing. However, I would like to give a special “shout out” to Maria. Her kindness and compassion radiated throughout the room. My daughters and I felt at ease when she was around. I watched her bathe Bob with such tenderness. Maria has a true gift. She is amazing.
Honoree: Maria


I never thought I would be in a situation in which my mother leaving me would cause such tragedy in my life. I thought I would lose my job and my life. I thank Mecca four her counseling and group therapy support and her patience as I cried and yelled. She is caring and supportive! Thank you for saving my life!!
Honoree: Mecca

Mecca Bell

Rex entered Hospice care September of 2022. Karen was Rex’s nurse from start to finish. She met Rex “where he was” each time she came. Her words of comfort and her explaining procedures, meds, and pain levels was always given in a sensitive and caring way. We were blessed to have her with us through Rex’s journey.
Honoree: Karen


I am deeply grateful for the care and support of all the Pikes Peak Hospice providers. Susan was the RN who visited many times in my home during end of life months with my sister Terry and my husband Dan. I attended Mecca’s grief journey group over six sessions. I got so much out of it and the commitment she demonstrated to help each of us was really helpful. I also attended the reunion she hosted in November 22 of those groups during the year. She was creative in many ways during the group sessions and the reunion of attendees enhanced the experience. Susan became a friend over the course of my to family member patients. She got to know us well. As for Mary, she was our social worker with my husband Dan. We truly appreciated her sincere and genuine caring. She encouraged me to pursue VA benefits and helped with the process in terms of advice. That was something I didn’t think I had the energy to do. But with her help, I got it done resulting in additional help for me. I am a retired RN who used to say that hospice personnel were cut from a very special mold. I meant it in the most respectful and admiring way, but never did I think I would experience that service myself. Thank you all very much.
Honorees: Susan, Mecca, Mary 

SusanT, Mecca, MaryR

Mary Lou Nichols

Susan connected with Jeff and I immediately and we developed a deep bond she became a dear friend she always called Jeff sweetie and was so kind and gentle with him she is a blessing and a gift and I will always remember the love and support she gave us on our journey she is an Angel on earth I will miss Jeff always but I have peace knowing he is healthy and happy in heaven.
Honoree: Susan


We can’t thank you all enough for doing a hospice to hospice transfer, making a stressful situation so much easier, and getting the bed to our home and making it possible for my mom to go to heaven from her earthly home. That meant a lot to me we couldn’t have done it without you. So thank you for all that and providing support as well! Hospice is a wonderful organization!

Frank Family

I would like to show my gratitude to the Pikes Peak team at the inpatient unit including Danielle, who was the first individual that I experienced. She gave exceptional care to get my Gerry bathed and shaved the first hours there and shaved him once more before he passed.

And to Utah, who was so kind to us, his family. She was like able to magically remove his wedding ring with no discomfort to Gerry. The entire care team for a whole week was extra empathetic to our family through the many phone calls we made to them. Your team is the best and will never be forgotten. Love to every one of you.

To Pikes Peak Hospice care program, I give my thanks for how quickly you all acted in my care as well. You’re unbelievable.  I would recommend this company before all that I that are out there. My love to every one of you as well. Thank you and God bless you.

Danielle, Utah, PP

On March 25th 2023, our family member was taken upstairs to the Hospice after being in the ER. Your care to him was so respectful and kind. You relieved his pain and provided comfort to our family and his friend Lorie, who had accompanied him to the hospital. You kept us apprised of his condition and helped to ease him into his new life in heaven. God bless you and thank you for all you do.
Honoree:  Paige


The care Vicky gave Betty, even when she was cranky or when she was being contrary was wonderful. Vicki and the whole staff were so helpful in letting her stay at home while she transitioned to the end. We are thankful for the support of the Inpatient Unit for respite and the wonderful care she received in her last few days.
Honorees: Vicky & Red Team

Vicky Johnson & Red Team

Thank you for all you did for Jeff and I during his time in hospice. Everyone I talked to was so kind and caring. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pikes Peak to anyone needing end of life support.
Honorees: Mary, Sonya, Terry, Jordan, Sarah, Melissa, Anita, Tony, Diane, Danielle, Jackie, Maggie, and everyone else who came here or who I talked to on the phone.

Mary, Sonya, more

My husband Thurman (T.W.) was in Hospice only two nights, 1 1/2 days before his death Saturday December 3rd, 2022. Our family was not with him early Saturday, but Rosemary took our place and did an excellent job.
Honoree: Rosemary


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